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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Spot Report: "Want God to hear your prayers? Use God's name, not his title!"

Think like this: "Yahweh your God will circumcise your heart and the hearts of your descendant, so that you may love him with all your heart and soul, and live!" (Deuteronomy 30:6)

Pray like this: Father, help your people to address their prayers to Yahweh and not the Lord, but in the name of Jesus."


Friday, November 17, 2017



CHRISTIANS ASKING IS THE POPE STILL CATHOLIC? Preaches universalism: 'Everything will be saved. Everything'

It's not a punch line.

It's a question being asked about the current head of the Roman Catholic Church, Francis, who critics believe is showing signs of abandoning fundamental Catholic doctrines – including the existence of hell.

In a recent address, Pope Francis declared "everything will be saved" upon Christ's return.

"The thought that at the end of our history there will be merciful Jesus suffices in order to have faith and not to curse life," the pope said. "Everything will be saved. Everything."

Global Atheist Convention Called 'Reason To Hope' Cancelled Because No One Wants To Go

(Daily Wire) The third annual Global Atheist Convention, ironically dubbed "Reason to Hope," has been cancelled due to dismal ticket sales, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Turns out, offering nihilism packaged as "hope" doesn't sell too well to the masses.


Pastor Carl Gallups on Roy Moore: "I JUST WANT THE TRUTH!"

Our answer is through PRAYER ...     

Think of it: 
1. If Roy Moore is innocent of the allegations against him from this myriad of accusing women - he is to be pitied and fervently prayed for. If it turns out that he is guilty - then he and his FAMILY are to be deeply pitied and fervently prayed for - this will change everything for them from this point forward. And if he is guilty - he should be prosecuted - plain and simple. 
2. If one or more of these women are proven to be telling the absolute truth, especially if the allegations are implicating Moore in actual sex crimes - then they are to be pitied and fervently prayed for. If they are telling the truth - it took great courage for them to come forward in this particularly toxic political environment.  If they are lying about all of this for "political" purposes and payoffs - they are to be deeply pitied and fervently prayed for. They should also be prosecuted - plain and simple.
To commit any sex crime is a heinous act. On the other hand, to destroy an innocent person's reputation, life, and career is also a heinous act. Either case is held in at the highest level of seriousness at the throne of God.
Get it?  We want truth to reign. And we must cover this matter in deep prayer - regardless. Our nation is on the edge of cliff, overlooking a deep, dark cavern. We may soon take the plunge. Or not. 
I am praying for truth, righteousness, and light to prevail - regardless. 
Please understand, I never support or condone actual acts of sexual abuse – of any kind – and especially against a minor. 
As a former law enforcement officer, I have been involved in cases of a similar nature. As a pastor in one community for over thirty years, I also have been very directly engaged in matters of this type.  I understand how this works, believe me.
However, how many times in recent years have several major players, even academic institutions, been plunged into legal hot water when their rush-to-judgment accusations of sexual misconduct where later proven to be unfounded, or even out-and-out hoaxes? Conversely, how many times have those who claimed to be  "innocent"  later  been found to be guilty? We must keep an open mind and spirit, until this thing is settled.
What happens, if after Roy Moore is not allowed to run, or is later proven innocent of any criminal conduct related to these allegations? Who will be legally answerable for the unfounded charges that might have cost him his future as a U.S. Senator? 
At this stage of the "story," I have to admit that I am still highly suspicious of the claims. In my opinion, there still some major holes in the stories as they are currently being reported in the media. Of course, I don't have all the facts. However, if this these allegations against Moore do turn  out to be false, then someone must be held to account – in the strictest of fashion. 
On the other hand, if it turns out that Roy Moore, forty years ago, actually did sexually assault an under aged minor – then the rule of law and the full force of the consequences of that law must also apply. 
It COULD turn out that the "rat" I am smelling, is in fact, Roy Moore's guilt.  I pray I am wrong.  But, in the end, I just want the truth. That's what Jesus would want me to "want."  Don't you agree?
- Pastor Carl Gallups


Carl Gallups on the Jim Bakker Show (18 minute teaching segment)

This may be the most profound and life changing 18 minutes of teaching you have ever heard!
PLEASE - Don't assume you "know" where this teaching is actually going - Watch it through to the very end or the PUNCH...

 GODS AND THRONES - by Carl Gallups  (Top-60 Amazon bestselling author)